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Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Aim

We see the event growing from strength to strength each year by creating a new outlet to market, share, appreciate and reward the talented individuals creating, producing and performing around the world by acknowledging and gratifying those for their contribution to Caribbean Music. 
With this vision in mind, the music has an enormous fan base among the diaspora here in the UK and an even bigger influence on the new style of music emerging from creative UK producers, what better place to launch than right here in London?
We love what we do and aim to show it!

The Event

Filled with live performances, celebrities and loads of fun, the Caribbean Afro Music Awards (CAMA) is an opportunity for all those who love the music and culture and all of those who have supported us to come together and enjoy the rewards of our production. 
The main event will be live streamed on all social media platforms, which will include our sponsor’s brand, to a wide audience with no demographical boundaries. The event will be professionally recorded, edited and posted online; allowing for even more strategic brand and sponsor inclusion.

Why Get involved?

As a sponsor, you will not only align yourself with the best of Caribbean music, you’ll be front and centre of all our 12-month advertising campaigns leading up to the event.
Your brand will be marketed and exposed to a coveted consumer demographic that includes music lovers, industry moguls, A-list celebrities, independent artists, composers, taste-makers and consumer affluential’s from around the globe.
You will not only align yourself with the best of African & Caribbean music, you’ll be front and centre of all our advertising campaigns leading up to and after the event.
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