We are a dedicated televised platform that showcases and celebrates the rich and diverse musical genres and heritage of Caribbean and African music.

The Caribbean Afro Music Award aims to recognize and honour the diverse musical talent within the genres of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Latin Caribbean/Reggaeton, Gospel and Afrobeats (inclusive of the various genres and sounds from Africa).

Our platform aims to provide a wider audience with the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and music of these genres. We aim to expand the reach of the awards ceremony, allowing people from different regions and backgrounds to experience the performances, connect with the artists, and gain a deeper understanding of the music's significance.

We aspire to become an important avenue for artists to gain recognition, showcase their talents, and contribute to the promotion of Caribbean and African music globally.

By collaborating with Rep Dat TV, as well as broadcasting on other networks, we have a broad reach allowing us to engage audiences on a global scale and introduce them to the vibrant and diverse musical traditions of the Caribbean and Africa. Additionally, by giving these genres the recognition they deserve, contributing to the growth and appreciation of these musical styles and providing emerging artists with a powerful platform for exposure and career development.

The Caribbean Afro Music Awards aka ‘CAMA’ is an opportunity for all those
who love the music and culture and all of those who have supported us to
come together and enjoy the rewards of our production.

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Rell is a multi disciplined creative, who is also an experienced project manager. With expertise in brand identity, strategy roll out and content creation, he has worked with established global organisations as well as small businesses in the U.K. and several countries overseas.

“Vision is the key to achieving progress in any industry. This along with an objective to create impact, will place you on a path to exceed and establish longevity.”



Stacey had always been a music lover and has always been surrounded by industry creatives.

Founder of a music promotion and events  organisation formed in 2017, she has managed a roster of international acts by  supporting artists and providing them with various opportunities.

As an experienced artist Liaison and Events Manager, she put together a small collective of passionate people and launched the Caribbean Afro Music Awards. A platform that will celebrate the success of black music



Raphael has been working within the Music industry for 15 years and in that time has helped elevate artists careers to the next level.

 “I strongly believe to go far in this industry  (as well as others) you need to have a good support network/team around you. I am blessed to have individuals within  CAMA who share the ambitions and the visions for the future. We help each other, everyone has their own identities in other industries that we strive to push for them to be successful”.